Montgomery County Aquatic Centers

Name Address Description
Martin Luther King Jr Swim Center 1201 Jackson Rd This facility features a six lane, 50-meter L-shaped Main Pool, with an eight lane, 25-meter course into the diving area, which offers one half-meter and one-meter boards. The separate Leisure Pool consists of a shallow water lagoon with slides and water play features, surrounded by a circular "Lazy River" for riding inner tubes with the current.
Kennedy-Shriver Aquatic Center (KSAC) 5900 Executive Blv 8-lane L-shaped main pool, divided into two 25-meter swim areas, a warm water leisure pool, two separate hydrotherapy pools, a 10-meter diving platform and interior water slide.
Olney Swim Center 16601 Georgia Ave Our facility includes a 8-lane, 25-meter pool, diving boards, a shallow warm water free-form leisure pool, two hydrotherapy pools, sauna, lockers, and special changing room.
Germantown Outdoor Pool 18905 Kingsview Rd Facilities include an eight lane, 25-meter Main Pool with one-meter and hald-meter diving boards, a separate Leisure Pool featuring two water slides and two cross walk features, Tot Pool, snack bar, bathhouse, and lawn areas.
Wheaton / Glenmont Outdoor Pool 12601 Dalewood Dr Facilities include a six lane, 50-meter Main Pool and an eight lane, 25-meter swim course, with one-meter and half-meter diving boards. A separate shallow water Leisure Pool has fountains, sprays and kiddie slides.
Upper County Outdoor Pool 8211 Emory Grove Rd This facility includes an eight lane, 25-meter Main Pool with two one-meter diving boards; a separate shallow water Leisure Pool with a water slide, Tot Pool, snack bar, bathhouse and lawn areas.
Bethesda Outdoor Pool 6300 Hillandale Rd Facilities include a six-lane wide 50-meter long Z-shaped Main Pool with a six lane 25-meter course into the diving well, which features one half-meter and one-meter boards, and a "drop" slide.
Germantown Indoor Swim Center 18000 Central Park Cir This state-of-the-art indoor pool includes competition recreation, leisure and two separate hydrotherapy pools, as well as diving platforms and a water slide.
Good Hope Sprayground 14715 Good Hope Rd TBD